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“As tough as OCD can be, I’m grateful it brought Shannon Shy into my life.  I developed OCD at 28 years old; I was primarily afraid of food contamination.  After several years of meds and excellent Boston doctors, many warnings from doctors that I would need a feeding tube if I lost any more weight and a diagnosis of osteoporosis, I felt I had no where else to turn.  My friend who works with Shannon asked him to reach out to me, and on that day, just like the day I started restricting food intake, my life changed, but this time, for the better!  Shannon convinced me OCD can be beat and I’d literally call him while sitting at the dinner table staring at a plate of food I was terrified of.  Shannon is the only person who helped me get the food down.  He talked me through it and I couldn’t believe I was eating even though minutes earlier I was convinced I couldn’t.  Shannon saved my life.  How do you thank someone for that?” –  Jennifer R, Worcester, MA


I met Shannon Shy when I was 33 years old in the fall of 2016.  Somehow I stumbled upon his Facebook page and started following.  First, I must explain that I have dealt with OCD since I was 5 years old and it is not a new thing for me; it didn’t just come out of nowhere and I knew (or thought I knew) a lot about it.  I’ve been taking SSRIs, benzos, an NDRI and the occasional antipsychotic since I was 17. My symptoms waxed and waned over the years (and included a myriad of obsessions, compulsions and intrusive thoughts, most commonly germs and contamination) but for long periods of time, I was doing just fine.  There were more acute times than others, especially as a child when we didn’t know wh”at it was, but I functioned.  When I decided to get pregnant I also decided to get off medication (at the time just Prozac). This proved to be disastrous and landed me in the emergency room at 12 weeks pregnant.  In a nutshell, after getting pregnant and having my son, my OCD has gotten considerably worse.

When I found Shannon’s Facebook page, I started following it and found his messages to be very powerful. What stood out to me was his message of “You can do it. I did and we are not different.”  This was especially significant because it made me realize that recovery WAS attainable and not only that, I wasn’t alone. During a particularly trying time I remember reading to my mom some of his posts and sobbing because it was like he was talking directly to me.  This guy “gets it.”  Shannon has never purported himself to be a medical professional, but I can only say that he has given a lot more insight about OCD than most of the therapists I have seen.    I mentioned to my mom that he offered  something called ‘peer support’ and my mom encouraged me to look into it, and to my surprise, we both live in the D.C. Metro area and he even works in the same building as my husband. I immediately ordered his books (as did my parents in an effort to help me).  His memoir made perfect sense to me- meaning I absolutely related to his obsessions and compulsions.  

My first session was in person and I spent the majority of it in tears. I was able to explain how my life had been up to this point and he understood me and not once did he take a step back and say “good lord, you thought what!?” And that’s because he truly understands what it’s like to be tortured by OCD.  I can honestly say that he has changed my life.  Shannon suffered horribly for years and dug himself out of the hell pit, as he says (which is quite accurate), and now he’s helping people. With his insight and support, I have a plan, I have a strategy and I know my reasons for having them.  He’s shown me how to fight and most importantly, believes in me and I know he’s there if I need him.  This man, who has his own family and job, has taken time out of his own life and our scheduled sessions to answer my messages- even in the middle of a work day on a lunch break.  I have had more successes in the battle lately than ever before.  I still fail quite often and have a long way to go but he has given me hope.

I still have no idea what led to me find his Facebook page but I will be forever grateful. If you are suffering, at the very least, read his website and Facebook. Read his books.  He truly wants to help people. I cry when I read what other people go through in terms of obsessions and compulsions because I know how painful it is- Shannon does too and he doesn’t want others to suffer alone.  His strategy is so simple yet so profound. I am beyond thankful for this man and all he is doing to raise awareness for OCD.”   Sara,  Alexandria, VA


“Thank G-d I took the risk!!! Shannon is trustworthy, compassionate, kind, smart and knowledgeable. He knows OCD inside out, and developed an effective strategy that helps to defeat this condition. During my sessions with him, I felt that he knew me, knew how I was thinking (how my OCD was thinking). I never had to explain myself, he never judged me even when I judged myself, and he gave me hope when I lost all hope. Most importantly he shared his knowledge and experience and gave me the essential tools that allowed me to overcome this condition. I have my life and freedom back, something that seemed so unattainable not too long ago. I feel like myself again, I’m happy and functional. Yes, I still have a journey a head of me, but I’m confident that it’s going to be okay.  I can’t thank you enough Shannon. I’m a single mother and I’m all my kids have. When I showed them what I wrote they asked me to thank you as well for helping bringing their mother back to them. If you’re not sure about contacting Shannon feel free to contact me anytime I’ll be more than happy to talk to you and share my experience with you.”   Maya, Toronto Canada


“I have had OCD for over forty years. I got on medication about 24 years ago and have been surviving, but struggling very hard to think live is worth it. I have had counseling in the past but it did not seem to do much. I came across Shannon Shy on Facebook and found his website. His upbeat motivation and inspiration really gave me hope that I could make progress in fighting OCD with his help. I signed up for and had six phone sessions with Shannon and it was the best thing I have done so far in my fight against OCD. He obviously totally understands OCD having battled it in his own life. He is a fantastic motivator and has the insight to help you see what really needs to be done to make progress. He really
cares about the people he works with. I believe I have the tools and attitude now to keep OCD at bay. I highly recommend him to anyone who suffers from OCD.” – Anonymous


“Working with Shannon Shy for just three peer support sessions greatly helped me get a handle on my OCD. Talking with someone who has a personal experience with OCD was very impactful for me. Shannon provided me with practical advice and tips to make OCD weaker. He never let me lose sight of my hope and motivation – the reasons why I want to get better. His strategy is working for me and I would highly recommend anyone suffering from OCD to work with Shannon Shy!” – Anonymous


“Just wanted to say thank you for your Facebook page and most recent book, which I am currently reading. I have had OCD for almost my entire life, but over the last few years it has become worse than ever and has been practically debilitating. I have started seeing a therapist and read some other material on overcoming mental illness/OCD but nothing has come close to helping as much as the messages on your fb page and your book. I have two amazing children and another on the way, and a wonderful and supportive husband who all deserve a mother and wife who can be at their best for them. I need to get better for them and for the first time I feel like it’s possible. So I just really felt like I needed to say thank you on behalf of me and my family. Thank you!” – Anonymous


“I can’t thank you enough Shannon, you’ve saved my life, most likely literally, I was in a terrible way with the sick and twisted thoughts for a long time, I never thought I’d get better, but I honestly think if I stay in a happy environment and keep pushing forward, I’m gunna be just fine. I’d love to actually meet you and shake your hand or something, have the utmost respect for you and what you do every day for all of us, and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, without you, we’d be lost, thank you!”  — Anonymous, Australia


“About a year ago, OCD hit me hard! Like a punch in the face! Then God miraculously brought into my life a friend who was going through OCD in the same way, at the same time, and she pointed me to Shannon’s Facebook page. Finding his encouragement has truly been monumental in my battle with OCD. I’m so thankful! Whether it’s becoming more knowledgeable about this awful disease, finding encouragement or asking personal questions seeking support and help, Shannon Shy is a Godsend and truly a blessing to those fighting to slay the dragon that is OCD. A million times thank you! “    An anonymous Wife and Mommy of 4


Excerpts from the Foreword of “Hope Is On Your Side: A Motivational Journal for Those Affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.” (Tate Publishing)


“Raw inspiration, Shannon Shy is a pilot in daily motivation.  Sleeves rolled up, he targets the challenge right back with positive power. Our inner dialog is constantly running. Shannon’s daily messages engineered my resilience, and transformed every aspect of my life.”   —Mee Rhorer, Napa, California, OCD Recovery and Awareness Coach (Facebook page)


“Shannon Shy not only exemplifies how an individual can battle OCD victoriously, he also inspires us all to help others who are living in the moment of the OCD struggle. Shannon’s daily inspirations capture the realistic fight one experiences when in an OCD cycle— almost as if he is right there with us as our shield. Knowing his OCD meditations will be there everyday helps us to remember we are not alone, and his encouragement gives us strength to not give up. Shannon truly encompasses an individual who overcame a debilitating adversity and has chosen to use his experience to give others hope, support, and a realistic view of what it is like to live successfully with OCD. His daily inspirations have been a blessing to many including myself on many dark days, and I am honored to call him my colleague and my friend.”  —Chrissie Hodges, Mental Health Advocate/ Speaker, The Stigma of Mental Illness Radio Host


“OCD is painfully isolating. Anyone who is not a sufferer cannot ever really comprehend the hell of the stuck record in your mind. At its worst you can easily forget that this mental health issue is relatively common. Shannon’s words have served to remind me that I am never alone.  He is dedicated to fighting this beast with all sufferers.  I have never met Shannon, but was fortunate to stumble across his Facebook page and book. He has been key to my recovery. Giving me strength, hope and inspiration. This relative ‘stranger’ and his words have been the hand I needed to pull me out of some very dark places. I am now able to call myself a recovered sufferer. Shannon’s words played a key part in my ability to make that statement.”  —Laura, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom


“Shannon’s daily messages have taught me so many things when it comes to battling and DEFEATING OCD! But among all of the many things Shannon’s messages have especially taught me is that having OCD does NOT make one a weak person. The fact of Shannon being a formidable U.S. Marine and an athlete has illustrated to me that suffering from OCD does not make you a weak individual, which I perceived myself as in the past for having OCD (before reading Shannon’s message). He has shown to me, on the contrary, that surviving OCD makes each of us a strong, yet compassionate, human being! Shannon not only helped me with my OCD, but has inspired me to help others who are afflicted with this terrible disorder. Bless you Shannon, I am forever grateful to you.”  —Richard Amato, Bergen County, New Jersey (near New York City)


“Shannon’s messages give me the courage and determination to beat OCD. The daily fight can be overwhelming and exhausting. So many times I have wanted to give up, but when I check Shannon’s page there is always an inspirational message waiting for me, reminding me that I can beat OCD. This gives me the strength to keep moving forward past all the doubt and anxiety.”  —Jenn Coward, Brockville, Ontario, Canada


“Shannon’s words have been truly uplifting and amazing. When I thought I couldn’t cope with some of the OCD I’ve been struggling with, I look at Shannon’s words and his inspiration gets me through the day. He puts everything into perspective and helps me so much.  I’m grateful to you Shannon. Thanks for all your help!!!  I know he can make anybody overcome their OCD and fears!!! Thank you Shannon you are true inspiration!!!!”  —Ilana Tarren Cohen, Johannesburg, South Africa


Looking for a motivational keynote speaker? Bring Shannon’s inspirational story to your group. While his battle with adversity involved overcoming the severely debilitating mental disorder called OCD, Shannon’s story of struggle, frustration, perseverance, and victory applies to anyone facing any type of adversity. More than that, Shannon has succeeded in many positions of leadership in his life – in sports, in school, and in government service. He knows how to motivate others to excellence. No matter whether your goal is to motivate a graduating class, a team, student leaders, a work force, or a convention, Shannon’s story will resonate. Whether you experience the range of emotions from hearing his message or are simply captivated by his delivery, one thing is for sure – you will walk away a “moved” person and inspired to tackle the obstacles in front of you.


About a year ago, OCD hit me hard! Like a punch in the face! Then God miraculously brought into my life a friend who was going through OCD in the same way, at the same time, and she pointed me to Shannon’s Facebook page. Finding his encouragement has truly been monumental in my battle with OCD. I’m so thankful! Whether it’s becoming more knowledgable about this awful disease, finding encouragement or asking personal questions seeking support and help, Shannon Shy is a Godsend and truly a blessing to those fighting to slay the dragon that is OCD. A million times thank you!

-An anonymous Wife and Mommy of 4

Shannon Shy is my Hero and after reading Lyndsee’s story she sounds so very much like my self.. So much so, i remember emailing and advising Lyndsee of this.

I am a mother, a wife, a friend to all and love life (most of the time!!) However 4 years a go i was struck down with the dreaded OCD.. Mainly the thoughts were based on my past.. Events from when i used to baby sit my younger cousins were twisted in to despicable, gut wrenching horrendous memories. My dreams were twist turned in to nightmares night after night – Id wake up convinced i’d actually committed and lived these dreams in my past and couldn’t remember the exact details of where bodies were buried or people were killed but i must have done it at some point in my life, why else would i have such vivid dreams?!

My 2 pregnancies were haunting experiences full of dread, fear and sickening thoughts of horrendous things that may happen to my children when they arrive.. Followed by those two OCD related words… WHAT IF!!!!.. What if i do this, what of i do that, what if i enjoy doing this, what if i enjoy doing that.. The what i’s turned in to images which created the most awful anxiety and in turn depression as i feared bonding with my babies in case these thoughts would actually be acted out.

My sexuality and faithfulness was constantly being questioned. Id watch a film and think that an actress looked stunningly beautiful.. Ocd would convince me i was in love with her and make me question my marriage and love for my husband.

I would thank a man for holding the door open in a shop and because our eyes met and we smiled politely at one another OCD would tell me i want to have an affair with that man. I would look at a friends boy friend or brothers or even work colleagues profile on facebook – OCD told me i was unfaithful and as good as cheating on my husband – i was a snoop / a stalker and a sneaky awful horrid person who deserved nothing.

I’d have thoughts daily and often think my friends and family would be better off if i wasn’t around. I constantly felt like i was a burden to all. However just over 3 years a go i came across Shannon’s profile. I read about Shannons life through his updates, book reviews and messages. I was finally given the help support and guidance by a “normal” ex OCD sufferer i had always needed and through out the years my symptoms have eased and my confidence on tackling the dreaded OCD monster has grown. I’m still taking daily meds however in 8 months have had only 2 BAD OCD episodes which is a massive difference compared to my daily episodes where i was too scared to be alone with my children and i can only thank Shannon for all of his time help support and effort he puts in to helping others.. I am desperate to set up a foundation and become an OCD advocate and now that i have discovered both Shannon’s and Lyndsee’s stories I now know that this can be done and will strive to become like them.

Any way I am now waffling on (very typical of my chatty self) i guess what i am trying to say is to those suffering NEVER EVER GIVE UP. WE CAN BEAT THIS TOGETHER and to Shannon I feel I owe u my all.. you have helped me in ways that no therapist ever has or could and to Lyndsee, Thank you for sharing your painful yet beautiful story and please guys never ever give up doing what you do. You saved my life and i am such a better person for it. Love to all reading this 🙂 Laura xxxx

Excellent First-Hand OCD Experience

As someone who has had to deal with OCD for 25 years, this personal story, with its detailed explanation of how he overcame OCD, by Shannon Shy, speaks to both my heart and my mind. It is proof that OCD can be overcome through conscious and persistent steps in learning how to view your OCD and how to manage it effectively.
People usually don’t want to hear about how to “manage” a disease or condition; they want a complete cure. But the truth is that even people who do not have a disease or condition experience the same problems and challenges, perhaps to a lesser degree. My point is that everybody has stress and anxiety, times of deep sadness (depression), anger, etc. The trick is to learn how to manage the accompanying thoughts and feelings so that they don’t steamroll your life. Shannon Shy shows how he has effectively done just that, and although his method of overcoming OCD may not be exactly right for all OCD sufferers, it can be tweaked and personalized and also spark new ideas on how OCD can be effectively managed.

Excellent First-Hand OCD ExperienceDan C. New YorkAmazon "It’ll Be Ok" Book
An Answered Pray

I am by no means a book reviewer. This is something I feel the need to do. I came across this book, not looking for one, but thank God that he lead me to it. Shannon’s story has given me great hope that it is possible to win the battle with OCD. I needed so much to hear a sucess story. Anyone suffering with OCD can understand. That is exactly what Shannon’s story is. It is so easy to read. From the moment I picked it up, it moved me. I didn’t put it down until I finished. I had to know how this man was able to overcome this. I’m just beginning to implement his tools, knowing there is still a journey ahead of me. But, I believe I have found a simple practical way to live a life fulfilled. The groundrules and checkpoints he uses make so much sense and seem so simple to apply. I want to encourage anyone with OCD to read this book, it has given me the courage to know I can fight this and win. I thank God for answering my prayer of help through Shannon’s struggles and triumph. My prayers are with you all and hope this review is helpful in your decision to read this book.

An Answered PrayArkansasAmazon "It’ll Be Ok" Book
Helpful Guidance to a Common Challenge

This book was such a refreshing and candid dialogue about what a surprising number of people are experiencing. The tools in this book for overcoming OCD are easy to understand and encouraging. If this book was intended to encourage people to overcome the challenges that OCD carries with it, then this book definitely suceeds at what it sets out to do. Perhaps just as important, this book helped me to understand and have empathy for how debilitating and frustrating OCD can be.
Thanks to Shannon Shy for having the courage to share and a gift for raising awareness and encouraging others – not easy tasks for today’s writers.

Helpful Guidance to a Common ChallengeD. DuckworthAmazon "It’ll Be Ok" Book
Moving Story

I strongly recommend this book to anyone whose life is touched by someone with OCD or OCD tendacies. It’s a story of endurance, acceptance, and hope. Once you pick up the book , you can’t put it down. As in all good books, you’ll experience a range of emotions when reading it, laughter and tears. But most importanly, you glean a better understanding of the struggles of OCD, and have more courage to face all obstacles of this life.

Moving StoryD. SmithAmazon "It’ll Be Ok" Book

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