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“#OvercomingOCD – A Chance

You: “I just can’t believe that it is OCD. It feels too real. What if it IS NOT OCD?” Me: “Why look at it that way? What if it IS OCD? Think of the possibilities in your life if you took a chance.” #OCD can be defeated. I’m with you. Let’s go.

#OvercomingOCD – Handling Triggers

I was asked how I handled triggers. Bottomline, I implemented my strategy when the triggers generated the thoughts. I identified the thoughts as OCD, allowed them to be in my mind, and resisted performing the compulsion. I reminded myself it was possible to get better and I motivated myself by continually thinking about the reasons […]

#OvercomingOCD – Questioning Who You Love and Who You Are

Our friend Lauren asked the question below on the public side of this page in response to my post about self-confidence and self-esteem. She has graciously agreed to let me use her question as a prompt for today’s message in hopes that it may help others. (I absolutely love the selflessness of the awesome people […]

#OvercomingOCD – It’s Okay . . . to Feel Okay. . .

Sometimes, when you’re having an okay day instead of a not-so-okay day, OCD will try to convince you that you are an uncaring bad person because so many people around the world suffer so much from disease, hunger, war, natural disaster, and on and on. Don’t take the bait. It’s okay . . . to […]

#OvercomingOCD – Identifying the Thought

Part of my strategy was to identify the intrusive OCD thoughts and then treat them as such. Some thoughts I knew to be OCD thoughts because my doctors told me they were when I was diagnosed. Other thoughts I wasn’t so sure about and then there were other thoughts that I really didn’t know. The […]

#OvercomingOCD – Self Confidence and Self Esteem

You: “I am trying hard to fight OCD, but I seem to have lost my self confidence and self esteem. What do I do?” Me: “So let’s start with a foundation that you are valued, you are special and you are loved. Let’s now add to that the fact that you have summoned the strength […]

#OvercomingOCD – Resolve

As you begin this new year, resolve that you will stay in the fight and go all in. If you are not in the fight (for whatever reason), get in the fight. I was diagnosed with a really severe case of OCD and I got better. It wasn’t easy, but I got better. I had […]

#OvercomingOCD – A + A = V

Do not see yourself as a helpless victim because you have mental disorder. See yourself as a person who happens to have a mental disorder. And that’s okay. Now do what you need to do to move forward. Awareness + Action = Victory #OCD can be defeated. I’m with you. Let’s go.