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Shannon Shy – Author & OCD Advocate

Hi everyone. Welcome to OvercomingOCD.net, the next step in my outreach to those who are affected by OCD! In 1997, I was diagnosed with a severe case of OCD while on active duty with the Marine Corps. Through treatment, trial and error, and a lot of hard work and frustration, I developed a strategy which allowed me to eventually got to the point where OCD does not affect my life. In 2009, I began my outreach with the publication of my first book, “It’ll be Okay”: How I Kept Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) from Ruining My Life (Authorhouse). The outreach experience in person, on Facebook, on Twitter, and with my second book “Hope Is On Your Side” (Tate Publishing) since then has been nothing short of tremendously rewarding and humbling. This website is intended to expand the audience.

Now, drumroll please . . . . . I would like to introduce my friends Lyndsee Hargett & Chrissie Hodges, who are helping me with this website. You can read about both Lyndsee and Chrissie’s stories and follow them daily as well. Let me just say that they are both incredible people who have dealt with much adversity, and are beacons of hope, strength, and courage for many.

Finally, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Additionally, while Lyndsee, Chrissie, and I are associated with various organizations, the views we express on this page do not necessarily represent the views of any organization of which either three of us are associated.

I often say that if my words help only one person, it is worth it. This site is intended to provide a sense of hope, motivation, support, and helpful information. Hopefully, one by one, this site will do that.

Peace, Shannon

Life with Lyndsee Update!!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been very consistent on my posts, but as OCD sometimes goes– even those that feel mostly recovered, still might have setbacks from time to time. (And you know what?!? That is completely okay! We are each on our own journey!)  However, I know that I am stronger than OCD & the more I tell myself that, the more I believe it! So tell yourself with me, right this very second. :) I have a few new posts under my tab up top, & I hope you enjoy reading them and that they give you hope for a brighter tomorrow. You are not alone– we are in this together.



Announcing My Peer Support Services….

Drumroll please . . . . . . So, I am using today (my birthday) to unveil the Peer Support Services tab to my website. I am going to take on peer clients who suffer from OCD 10 to 15 hours per week. My availability and the fee breakdown are on the website. Soon I will have an appointment scheduler on the site and also soon I will be adding my friend Chrissie Hodges. For now just send me an email and we’ll work out the appointment time. Stay in the fight! http://www.overcomingocd.net/peer-support-services/

‪#‎OvercomingOCD‬ – You and Only You

You: “I look around this food court and I see all these people who see life through a normal lens. They’re not tormented or bothered by OCD the way I am. I’ve suffered so badly for long, I just don’t see how I could ever be like them.”
Me: “Well, we should never assume they don’t suffer too, from something, anyway. But for the sake of argument let’s assume that they don’t have OCD. They’re not worried about whether they bumped into someone or whatever the intrusive thought might be. I suffered badly like you too. Now look at me. I am like them. You are looking at proof that it can be done. You and I are not different. Yeah, it takes work and it is a difficult process, but the awesome thing is YOU and only YOU get to decide whether you will do it. Let’s go. I’m by your side.”
‪#‎OCD‬ can be defeated. I’m with you. Let’s go.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this website is to provide a sense of hope, motivation, support, and  helpful information for those affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder (and other disorders as may be mentioned from time to time).   Neither Shannon Shy nor Lyndsee Hargett are mental health professionals.  Any messages posted by Shannon or Lyndsee on this site are not intended to be and shall not be considered or relied upon as mental health or medical professional advice or treatment.  All persons who think they may have a mental disorder are advised and encouraged to seek the care of a mental health professional.  If any person is in a crisis situation or otherwise in need of immediate emergency care, please dial 9-1-1 (or the emergency number where you live.)

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